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EMI has been a trusted leader in the fundraising discount card industry for over 20 years. Our innovative product line, superior graphics and industry leading profit margins will maximize your groups fundraising potential and streamline your entire fundraising discount card promotion.

“Thanks for putting this together for us this year. We’ve been selling cards for about ten years, and this is the best package we’ve ever had.” – HFC Jeb Stuart HS

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How to Raise Money with Fundraising Cards

Raise Money1. Selecting the Discount Card
2. Branding and Design
3. What Offers Do I Pick?
4. How to Sell the Fundraising Cards
5. Maximizing Your Earning Potential

Benefits of Fundraising Discount Cards

One of the many benefits of EMI’s fundraising discount cards is not just the fact that it helps fundraising groups raise money in a fun way. The cards also give local businesses a free advertising opportunity and a way to participate in the loyalty business model, meaning customers who receive great deals along with great service often will remain loyal to that business and return in the future. Bringing in new business is often costly. Retaining customers is far more inexpensive. With the discount card promotion, retailers discover a great way to earn new business affordably and to renew that business over and over. At the same time, local consumers are saving money, and your organization is raising money for a great cause. This is how EMI puts the fun into fundraising discount cards

Educational Marketing’s fundraising discount cards differ from most in that they contain 20 or more substantial local and national merchants, not just 10-15 mediocre deals like many other fundraising companies. We go to great efforts to provide the most profitable and beneficial fundraising discount cards in your area.

EMI’s Approach to Discount Cards for Fundraising

EMI offers an exclusive no money down, 21-day term on all of our discount card products. In addition to our flexible payment terms, we guarantee the lowest price. If you can find a higher quality product with similar discounts and we can’t beat their price, we’ll send you a $50 gift card.

We realized that people love saving money on products they were already going to buy anyway so we decided to concentrate all of our efforts on securing those kinds of deals for all of our fundraising discount card products. We know people will buy a product annually if it makes sense so we decided to work harder and smarter to secure better discounts from places you already shop. Have fun in 2015 while raising great money for a great cause by selling amazing deals on EMI’s full-color fundraising discount card promotion.

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