$25 Restaurant.com Card

  • You get a $25 Gift Card for only $5!
  • Sell each card for $10 and $5 from each card sold goes to support your group (minimum order applies)
  • Gift Certificates valid at over 18,000 national restaurants
  • Gift Cards never expire
  • Free customization available (Your group’s name on the card)
  • Easy online redemption
    1. View participating restaurants in your area

    2. Sell each Fundraising Card for $10.00 each. 50% profit!
    3. Customers go online to http://fundraising.restaurant.com and redeem each $10 card for $25 worth of certificates that are available from over 18,000 restaurants nationwide.


    • Go to http://Fundraising.Restaurant.com and click on “Redeem Gift Card”
    • Enter the certificate code found on the back of the card
    • Search to find a restaurant near you, or select from over 18,000 restaurants nationwide
    • Print gift certificate. Redeem at restaurant. Enjoy your meal!