Fundraising Discount Cards

Fundraising cards are not your ordinary fundraiser. This fundraising opportunity is fun, profitable, and easy. EMI’s very profitable fundraising discount cards have been giving groups just like yours up to 80% profits in their most profitable annual fundraisers since 1995.

fundraising discount cards

Whether you are a high school football team, band, little league team, non-profit group, or anything in between – fundraising cards will allow you to raise money for your group in a fun way. Our discount cards come with custom graphics on the front designed by our professional graphic designers, specifically designed for your group. The back of the cards have 20 great discount offers at some of the best stores and restaurants in your area. We make sure that it’s the most powerful fundraising cards that you can get.

fundraising cards

There’s no money down and the graphic design is free. We also secure all of the discounts for you on the fundraising cards – or give you the option to secure your own. Either way, it takes no money down to get started and we even include free shipping.

Fundraising cards are such an effective fundraiser because they provide real value to your customers. Sure, customers like chocolates and sometimes need wrapping paper. But customers are tired of over-paying for these types of fundraisers to get something they can buy for cheaper at the store. Fundraising cards from EMI provide great value that they can only get by contributing to your fundraiser. Many of the offers on the back of the fundraising cards will pay for the investment after just one use. And every single one of the 20 offers on the back are reusable every single day for an entire year. These fundraising cards provide a value to your customers that is impossible to pass up!

Not only will these fundraising cards give you the best money-raising opportunity that your group has ever seen – it will be even easier next year when your customers are eager to renew their discount cards.

Discount Cards Thrive Year-Round

In times where our economy is less than perfect, Fundraising Cards tend to not only be recession-proof, but also tend to thrive during these times. Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. These fundraising cards save people money at places they already shop! The cost of the card – to your customers – is just $20. This is not really a cost to them, though. It’s a small investment. They get to use the card for an entire year to save money, while also supporting a local group.

Your school’s marching band and football team rely on fundraising to keep going. Your children’s youth sports team relies on fundraising to keep going. Your favorite charity relies on donations and fundraising to meet their goals.

Fundraising cards offer groups in need of raising money an excellent way to do so, while also giving the community a great way of saving money on a daily basis. Fundraising groups can buy these cards from companies like Educational Marketing, Inc. for very low prices. They then turn around and sell them to individuals in the community for $20 and keep the larger profit for their group.

Call EMI at 800-711-3200. We want to get to know more about your group so we can suggest which one of our many fundraising cards would best suit your fundraiser.