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Our Most Popular Fundraising Discount Card Groups

Our fundraising discount cards have been trusted by coaches, booster clubs and athletic directors for over 25 years!

High School Football Teams

Because of the larger team size, high school football teams often rely on the Elite fundraising discount card to generate massive pre-season and in-season fundraisers.

High School Bands

Similar to football teams, high school marching bands and music groups benefit from our fundraising discount cards to raise money from the community.

Soccer Teams

From youth soccer up to high school soccer teams, our fundraising cards are the perfect soccer fundraiser for both individual teams as well as soccer leagues.

Little League Baseball

Fundraising discount cards for little league baseball provide a fantastic profitable fundraiser to fund uniforms, equipment, maintain the fields and much more.

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“Our card is the best in the business. After 4 years, we have doubled our fundraising. We have people requesting our card now! Our community would be upset if we didn’t sell this product.”

Greenwood High School Football

“Thank you. I sold over 800 cards in 90 minutes this morning. Wow!”

Elkins Fighting Tigers Band

“Thanks for putting this together for us this year. We’ve been selling cards for about ten years, and this is the best package we’ve ever had.”

Jeb Stuart High School Football

Discount Cards for Fundraising: A Win-Win Fundraising Tool

Fundraising discount cards hare a popular tool in the arsenal of groups looking to raise money. Discount cards offer a simple and tangible way for supporters to contribute, while also enjoying personal savings at local businesses. It’s a win-win scenario: the fundraiser earns profit for their goals, and cardholders get discounts on everyday purchases.

The cards typically feature deals and offers from a variety of local businesses, ranging from restaurants and shops to car washes and entertainment venues. The discounts can be anything from a percentage off to buy-one-get-one-free deals, making the card attractive to a wide range of consumers.

Discount Card for Fundraising

Most of the deals are reusable every day for an entire year. This variety ensures that supporters have plenty of opportunities to use the card and feel satisfied with their purchase.

But fundraising discount cards aren’t just about savings. They’re also a way to build community and support local businesses. By partnering with local establishments, the fundraiser helps promote those businesses while fostering goodwill within the community. It’s a chance for everyone to come together for a common purpose, making the fundraising effort feel more than just a transaction.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and effective way to raise money for your team, league or group, reach out to EMI to learn more about the potential profits you can make with our top-of-the-line fundraising cards. It’s the easiest way to make a major impact.

EMI Fundraising has been a trusted leader in the discount cards for the fundraising industry for over 25 years. Our innovative product line, superior graphics and industry-leading profit margins will maximize your group’s fundraising potential and streamline your entire fundraising discount card promotion.

No money down. We secure all of the deals. You keep the profits.

No money down. We secure all of the deals. You keep the profits.