Benefits of Plastic Sports Passes

There are still some schools out there using the DIY paper method of creating passes to their sporting events.

If you’re one of them, you already know how time consuming this process is. Whether you are selling individual game tickets, paper passes or even taking it a step further to laminate your passes, here’s why its time to ditch the paper and go plastic.

They don’t cost a lot
Plastic sports passes are very inexpensive. In fact, they cost you nothing up-front and only a very small percentage of your profits. This includes setting up your passes, designing them, printing them and shipping them to you. We do all the heavy lifting and you get a better quality athletic pass.

They sell easier
Passes made from paper look cheap because, well, they are! And this product is no different than any product out there. If the perception is low quality, people are less inclined to buy. In switching to a durable plastic, the card looks nice, it feels nice and it fits perfectly in your purse or wallet.

They are weatherpoof
Paper won’t even stand up to a heavy breeze without blowing away. They fair even worse in rain or snow. Our plastic sports passes are heavy-duty, durable and won’t deteriorate regardless of the weather conditions.

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