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All Sports Passes

All Sports Passes

Plastic all sport passes generate great preseason profits for your athletic department.

  • Raise Preseason Money

  • Control Gate Admission

  • Expand Sales with Family Passes

  • Fundraise in an Easy & Fun Way

Have the Best Looking Cards in Your Conference

Selling Sports Passes prior to the season allows you to raise substantial funds by offering cards to all students, faculty, staff and family members.

Get Paid Up-Front

Offer an incredible value to any prepaid event and receive the funds pre-season!

Control Gate Admission

Sports Passes are the most efficient way to move fans through the line at the gate. No technology disruptions, no cash exchanged. Just flash the card and go.

Sell to All Ages

Sports Passes aren’t just for students! Sell passes to their parents, grandparents, friends and everyone else that enjoys coming to the games!

25 Years of

Honest ServiceTop-Dollar FundraisingDone-For-You Products


EMI is trusted by thousands of Coaches and Athletic Directors around the country. With over $20 million raised for our groups, we offer the most trusted and long-lasting fundraiser in the country.

Traditional Fundraising Meets Modern Solutions

Sell your sports passes in-person, online or both! Our free personalized online sales portal allows you to reach a bigger audience and sell your cards contact-free online!

  • Sell in-person
  • Sell online
  • Extend your fundraising footprint through online sales and social media promotion
  • Collect customer information for easy one-click card renewals year after year

What Our Customers Say


Our card is the best in the business. After 4 years, we have doubled our fundraising. We have people requesting our card now! Our community would be upset if we didn’t sell this product. EMI works hard for you to ensure a great card and has always provided great customer service. Without a doubt, they are the best.

Greenwood HS Football Coach


Thanks for putting this together for us this year. We’ve been selling cards for about ten years, and this is the best package we’ve ever had.

Jeb Stuart HS Football Coach

Why Fundraise with EMI?

EMI has been a trusted leader in the discount cards for fundraising industry for over 25 years. Our innovative product line, superior graphics and industry leading profit margins will maximize your groups fundraising potential and streamline your entire fundraising discount cards promotion.

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Get in touch with us today and let’s start transforming your fundraising efforts into the easiest, most profitable fundraiser your team or group has ever experienced.